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Job Hunting

Posted by Peder on 28 April 2008

I’m currently looking for new/different work.  My current employer is awesome, though our paths are headed in different directions.  I want to work more online.  I think that online marketing and communication technologies represent a knowledge base that someone like me can build a career around.  Plus it’s a really fun sphere to be involved in.

So my job search is focused on the San Francisco/Silicon Valley region, where companies in this industry abound.  Last week I was contacted by a big player in this arena who found me online (what are the odds?).  The job they asked me to interview for had these requirements.

Job Requirements (paraphrased):

  • Manage operations for Internet marketing/advertising projects
  • Perform data analysis and present actionable conclusions and recommendations
  • Monitor business trends and troubleshoot
  • Work with business units, product development and quality assurance to track and respond to operational issues
  • Gather and articulate business needs for infrastructure improvement and development
  • Provide data, analysis and reporting tool support for Internet marketing/advertising business units
  • Collaborate with data service teams and third party data providers where appropriate

I republish this here because this is totally a job that I can excel at.  At some point soon I’ll take a cue from my buddy and post my resume/narrative to this site which will help show how qualified I am for a position like this.  For now, however, I’m going to incorporate this language into my current job search agents, resume and Linked In account.  Wish me luck!

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