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Reminiscing Cabs of Yore

Posted by Peder on 14 November 2008

Taxi!I was clicking through some of the stats and incoming links associated with this blog and was reminded of this story, as told by my friend Brittney.  Just had to link to it to keep the memory alive through my own blog, as she’s done so well on hers.

“We all sat dumbfounded. Some guy hailed a cab then proceeded to rob banks and use it as his getaway car? This was not your average taxi driver chit chat.”

This was a great driver; he had some of the best taxi stories I ever heard.  Totally beats the story of my old roommate paying off a Shanghai cop who had pulled over his cab on the way to work.  This was crazy stuff, reminding me of the details that lead to this piece of fiction.

Thanks B for writing it down and capturing that jaw-dropping, eye-popping look into the life of a San Franciscan cabbie!

Read Brittney’s story here.


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