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And Thus Render I Thee Obsolete

Posted by Peder on 19 November 2008

nosce te ipsum

nosce te ipsum

I’ve been talking with my dad lately about his desire to upgrade his cell phone.  A champion of “late adopter” principles (or better, “Colonist” principles applied to mobile tech), he doesn’t take on new technology very often, and when he does it’s only after it has become apparent that the technology will help him do his job better.  Or his golf game.

So I recently found and forwarded to him these two posts from a Wired blog to him showing all the gadgets that modern mobile “phones” are rendering obsolete.  My favorite:  MP3 players.  Not only is that technology only seven years old, but it’s a great example of market cannibalization as the iPhone pulls away some iPod customers.  Not that anyone at Apple would or should care.

It really is a crazy world out there of handheld-mobile-computing-unit-daily-planner-communication-life-aides.  So much so that Sprint has found an advertising niche promising to explain it to you. (Guess the racket was just looking too sweet for college-bound kids and the office IT geeks to have all to themselves.)


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