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San Diego Beach House

Posted by Peder on 4 December 2008

Beach House, originally uploaded by Peder with a D.

I just learned that this photo had been short-listed for inclusion in the 6th edition of the Schmap San Diego Guide. Unfortunately I didn’t respond in time but it may still make the 7th edition. We’ll see.

This is also the first blog post I’ve made by sending a pic directly from my Flickr account, so here’s to synchronized web presences. Yay!


2 Responses to “San Diego Beach House”

  1. Tracy said

    I just saw your blog post about Van Jones. I agree that it is important to consider the possible impact of a green stimulus package on the economy! I’m working with a progressive bank that has recently been endorsed by Van Jones because of their 35-year commitment to environmental responsibility and community development.

    We have some Van Jones video clips that we’d be happy to share with you, and we would like to send you a promotional pack. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

  2. Peder said

    Thank you Tracy. I have addressed this comment offline. This is the original post she’s referring to.

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