Peder with a D

[plays well with others]


Posted by Peder on 26 December 2008

I had a real friend.
We ‘friended’ on Facebook, but
she just posts cat pics.

hi, I'm lame

hi, I'm lame

2 Responses to “Faiku”

  1. Carrie said

    LOL! That’s awesome, Peder! Just popped in to say hello. We’ve been back for a week and deadlines are looming. My blog has been well and truly borked by a new installation of wp 2.7. I just got it up and running again but it’s been one of those bump/grind kinda weeks. Hope you had a fab New Year. Best wishes for 2009!

  2. Peder said

    Great to hear back from you. Glad you’re home and that your life is once again approaching normalcy. Conversely, mine is not and I’m off on another adventure in 3 weeks. I’ll write a post about it, but here’s a quick one for globe trotting!

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