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Tsunami Reveals Bizarre Marine Life

Posted by Peder on 29 December 2008

YouTube is fantastic, so is this video. After the tsunami ravaged Asia in December 2004 a cacophony of odd sea specimens washed up on shore. Dredged from the bottom of the ocean, some look truly alien. My favorite is whatever comes up at the 0:30 mark. What is that?

(Anyway, text is in German, translation after the video.)

Video text translation:

  • December 26, 2004
  • A tsunami wave was triggered by a submarine earthquake in the Indian Ocean off the island of Sumatra
  • A minimum of 231,000 people died in eight Asian nations
  • These marine animals were found days on land days after the catastrophe, after the water had receded …

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Pollack à la Peder

Posted by Peder on 23 October 2008

My lunch today was great.  Had some pollack fillets and veggies that I needed to finish up.  So I breaded the pollack in panko bread crumbs with Parmesan cheese, cumin, curry, cinnamon, chili pepper and crushed red peppers.  I sauteed them in a mix of veggie oil, sesame oil, oyster sauce, and minced garlic.  Once they got started cooking I added onions, leeks, and bell peppers.  On the side I chopped some cucumbers and let them sit in Worcester and soy sauces.  Pollack à la Peder!

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