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Posted by Peder on 12 November 2008

The snow has fallen,
Temperatures are dropping,
Winter is here. Crap.

Snow Smile


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if they ask …

Posted by Peder on 30 October 2008

If they ask, tell them
I am first a citizen
of the world. And you?

Citizen of the World
Citizen of the world originally published by Komal Soin

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Hockey Haiku, Teaching One Too

Posted by Peder on 23 October 2008

This first one goes out to Jacques Lemaire, who couldn’t have been happy with tonight’s result.

Not back on defense,
Soft goals, no forecheck, dumb kids.
It’s not good ‘ockey.

Next I have one about teaching:

Teachers and students
don’t know how much they don’t know
about the others.

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Posted by Peder on 8 October 2008

Time horizons are
An oft-overlooked point of

Reading a new book,
Development of story,
Starts tediously.

Cannot legislate
Against greed. Deadly sins are
Difficult to beat.

Am I the only
One who wants it all to crash?
No, there must be more.

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