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what’s been going on

Posted by Peder on 8 May 2008

Hello world, here’s a little update as to what’s happening in my life.
I am fully enamored with this online world of ours. I spend a fair bit of time perusing the blogosphere, Twitter, Digg and my fav podcasts. I am also building up my website-building chops. I’ve opened and transferred this very blog over there. But this morning I read this article talking about online branding (admittedly a goal of mine). Seems like the value of a non-personalized brand is better than that of a personalized one, so I recently purchased I’m gonna apply one of my fav little taglines “The future is now; I wish it would come faster,” and I’ll play up the PH part of the name. (Hey, can’t completely remove ourselves from the process!)

On the job front there has been some activity, but it’s still a generally-discouraging process. Fortunately I will not be discouraged and my move northward is inevitable. Just need that job … I was contacted a couple weeks ago by a Silicon Valley industry leader and had an interview. Having not heard much on that recently I’m taking the clue that I might not be their ideal candidate. But in the process I got a copy of the job description they were trying to fill. It really would be a great spot for me, so at least I can take the language they used and apply it to my job search criteria. Silver linings, baby. In the meantime, my current employers have asked me to further develop their online business plan. They and I both agree I’d be a great person to project manage the development of that portal, but I remain dubious. I want to move out of Monterey, and they’ve made these sorts of promises before. Pull the trigger boys! Alas, same old same old: Hurry up and wait.

Been playing some new music lately as well. Made some mixed CDs for some friends and have been playing a lot on Muxtape. I’m listening to Hellogoodbye as I write now, and have rediscovered my love for Boards of Canada over the last couple weeks.

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Job Hunting

Posted by Peder on 28 April 2008

I’m currently looking for new/different work.  My current employer is awesome, though our paths are headed in different directions.  I want to work more online.  I think that online marketing and communication technologies represent a knowledge base that someone like me can build a career around.  Plus it’s a really fun sphere to be involved in.

So my job search is focused on the San Francisco/Silicon Valley region, where companies in this industry abound.  Last week I was contacted by a big player in this arena who found me online (what are the odds?).  The job they asked me to interview for had these requirements.

Job Requirements (paraphrased):

  • Manage operations for Internet marketing/advertising projects
  • Perform data analysis and present actionable conclusions and recommendations
  • Monitor business trends and troubleshoot
  • Work with business units, product development and quality assurance to track and respond to operational issues
  • Gather and articulate business needs for infrastructure improvement and development
  • Provide data, analysis and reporting tool support for Internet marketing/advertising business units
  • Collaborate with data service teams and third party data providers where appropriate

I republish this here because this is totally a job that I can excel at.  At some point soon I’ll take a cue from my buddy and post my resume/narrative to this site which will help show how qualified I am for a position like this.  For now, however, I’m going to incorporate this language into my current job search agents, resume and Linked In account.  Wish me luck!

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