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San Diego Beach House

Posted by Peder on 4 December 2008

Beach House, originally uploaded by Peder with a D.

I just learned that this photo had been short-listed for inclusion in the 6th edition of the Schmap San Diego Guide. Unfortunately I didn’t respond in time but it may still make the 7th edition. We’ll see.

This is also the first blog post I’ve made by sending a pic directly from my Flickr account, so here’s to synchronized web presences. Yay!


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Chinese Paramilitary

Posted by Peder on 11 November 2008

I wish this were true, cuz then it’d be real.

Segway to the Chinese Paramilitary

Hold On Tight

Courtesy of J. Orlin Grabbe and wherever he/they got it from.

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I have a mohawk

Posted by Peder on 22 July 2008

I used to rock the faux-hawk, back when I wanted to be a cool Euro-style hipster.  But as of last night I have the real thing going.

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Wedding Day Jitters

Posted by Peder on 21 May 2008

A Rattled Bride

Imagine having your wedding photo shoot disrupted by a massive earthquake. That’s what happened to one couple in Pengzhou, only miles away from the epicenter of the recent quake in Wenchuan county, Sichuan.  Visit this blog for more of their photos.  Also, thanks to the Shanghaiist for links.

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