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Posted by Peder on 25 April 2008

Hi world, this will be the first of my “Daily Update” pages where I talk about what’s going on in my life. It’ll be a little different – a more personalized narrative – than some of the other posts I’ll put on this blog.

Today is a Friday and I’m spending the morning w/ MarketCulture Strategies. Working on a job bid for a proposal next week as well as getting video up on our website. One option is to host them on YouTube, but I think we have the bandwidth to host them ourselves. Time will tell.

This weekend could be interesting. Tomorrow evening at Monterey Live there will be 3 musicians, 2 of whom are from Minneapolis. In fact, Chris Koza went to St. Olaf with me (a year ahead) and sang for the what I can only presume to be defunct band, Kat Napping. Kind of a lame name, glad he went solo.

Sunday then I’m considering a hike in Big Sur but need to first make sure I’ll get back in time for our softball game at 5:30. The Lightning Strike Pirate Squade is 4-0 and I’ve been loving this spring season! (I’m playing mostly shortstop and batting leadoff.)


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