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50,000th Page View

Posted by Peder on 29 July 2009

I caught word of a local jazz trio playing last night in Minneapolis so I thought I’d check out their sound on their MySpace page.  (It’s good.)  When the page opened it said I was the 50,000th person to see the page.

50000th Viewer

Thinking there was a mistake I reloaded the page.  Sure enough, 50,000+1.

50001st Viewer, On Reload

I wonder if I win anything?


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“Retweeting” a post about Twitter

Posted by Peder on 13 May 2008

The lovefest with current Internet darling, Twitter, continues.

I’ve noticed a lot of friends and colleagues have written wonderful posts on the web app and this has me thinking it’s probably my turn to weigh in.  But instead of writing some new ideas from scratch I’ll take a twitter-esque approach and “retweet” (replay/repost) some of my favorites.  I’ll give credit where credit is due, so feel free to check out these other blogs!

1.  First let’s get an introduction to what Twitter is.  Embedded below is a video from a blog that explains technical concepts to the rest of us.  I bring you the Common Craft’s “Twitter in Plain English.” (Click here if that doesn’t work.)

2.  Next we have Ian’s post on how he got over any hesitations and came to embrace the service.  It’s also peppered with more great links on the topic.

3. Third entry today goes to another member of my blog roll (right hand column, list of other blogs I read).  Meet Carrie.  This first post talks about her experience with Twitter.  This second provides an account of how Twitter helped break the Chinese earthquake story.

4. The CEO of Zappos is a fan, and he provides this post explaining how to get started.

5. “Following” people is the terminology for building your community, and it’s hard at first to know how to build this network.  This post from Pronet Advertising gives a list of influencers that you can add to your list.

6. Robert Scoble is an “early and often” proponent of Twitter.  Here he explains the value of following the right people.

7. Because of it’s popularity and ease of use, many many third party applications have been developed to enhance the Twitter experience.  Well-documented social media expert Jeremiah Owyang discusses some of them in this post.

8. Additional value from Twitter comes from the fact that it can be accessed while you’re away from your computer.  This post by Wired Pig explains how to access the service from your mobile phone’s Internet browser.  I learned of this blogger through my own community.

9. Lastly, something fun. Another guy that I’ve gotten to know entirely through Twitter runs a blog called Edit Weapon.  He ran a 6 Word Contest and got entries from his network.  Results posted here.

There you have it, my retweet.  I recommend you get an account, and be sure to follow me!

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Myspace is unimpressive

Posted by Peder on 30 April 2008

A friend and I just had a Google Chat about Myspace. I unfortunately joined as a compromise to get another individual using Twitter (which you should know about), and a friend request went out to the individual featured below.

(Follow me on Twitter)

Me: from your homepage > Edit Profile > Account Settings > Cancel Account

My Friend: how do i get to my homepage?

Me: working on it
do you not know how to get to your acct?

My Friend: i’m not sure
i logged in
but i got this big window
of something or other that’s new on myspace
and i can’t do anything

Me: huh

My Friend: trying again

Me: try clicking “home”
f’ing myspace, on my homepage there is a message saying I am in my extended network

My Friend: yay i found the cancel my account part
i’m supposed to receive an email

Me: sweet! congrats
for the record, you should consider Twitter

My Friend: i will
it’s getting more and more popular
i cancelled it
it asked me i think seven times or something whether i wanted to cancel it

Me: fucking annoying

My Friend: and then it asked me why i wanted to cancel

Me: cuz ur lame!

My Friend: so i wrote “i don’t like myspace”

Me: lol
good stuff

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