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Myspace is unimpressive

Posted by Peder on 30 April 2008

A friend and I just had a Google Chat about Myspace. I unfortunately joined as a compromise to get another individual using Twitter (which you should know about), and a friend request went out to the individual featured below.

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Me: from your homepage > Edit Profile > Account Settings > Cancel Account

My Friend: how do i get to my homepage?

Me: working on it
do you not know how to get to your acct?

My Friend: i’m not sure
i logged in
but i got this big window
of something or other that’s new on myspace
and i can’t do anything

Me: huh

My Friend: trying again

Me: try clicking “home”
f’ing myspace, on my homepage there is a message saying I am in my extended network

My Friend: yay i found the cancel my account part
i’m supposed to receive an email

Me: sweet! congrats
for the record, you should consider Twitter

My Friend: i will
it’s getting more and more popular
i cancelled it
it asked me i think seven times or something whether i wanted to cancel it

Me: fucking annoying

My Friend: and then it asked me why i wanted to cancel

Me: cuz ur lame!

My Friend: so i wrote “i don’t like myspace”

Me: lol
good stuff


2 Responses to “Myspace is unimpressive”

  1. blulady said

    I too am there because of friends but I don’t like MySpace or their constant ads and trying to connect you to them. I write a WordPress first, then do the copy and past thing.

  2. Peder said

    I feel the Myspace ads clog up the viewing pane. It’s hard to see what I’m there to look at (pics, entries, navigation buttons, stuff about my friends) because of the ads.

    Facebook seems mildly better about this and Twitter doesn’t use ads, so those are what I prefer.

    Thanks for the comment. Where’s your WP blog?

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